Ages 4-6

monthly program + drop in classes

The program designed  to teach little kids how to draw familiar images using geometric shapes, to in-still skills to work accurately with paints and a brush, to develop creative imagination and fine motor skills.

Ages 7-10

monthly program + drop in classes

At the age of 6-10 years children have a well-developed imagination and they are familiar with the basic tools for drawing and love this activity very much. There is a desire to improve the skills, learn to draw beautifully, so that they can most accurately embody their plan

Ages 11-17

monthly program + drop in classes

Drawing and painting are a great way of psychological relaxation, also the development of spatial thinking, creativity and aesthetic taste. In our art courses you will learn about the structure of objects the colour, composition of the picture, linear and aerial perspective. (graphite pencil, watercolour, soft pastel, acrylics, oil paint

Ages 18+

monthly program + drop in classes

The program of classes for adults is based on an individual approach to each person. The student selects a favourite theme for project, and then the instructor explains various techniques and nuances in detail with regard to a specific stage of drawing using various examples and manuals.


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